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A cheat sheet for beginners to chess, to help understand algebraic notation.

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A cheat sheet for the PHP-FIG PSR standards! A quick reference for the modern PHP developer!

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Cheatography Cheat Sheet

21 February 2014   |   Comments   |   cheatography, cheat sheets, meta

A cheat sheet for Cheatography! Block types and tips for making your very own cheat sheets.

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11 February 2014   |   Comments   |   readability has been in need of some attention, and has finally had it, with some great new features!

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After several months of research, I can reveal a sure-fire way to ensure your new venture is bought up by Yahoo.

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I have been lucky enough to work regularly for the last few months with a great educational outfit, LanguageNut. They have great drive, plenty of ambition and are growing fast, and that's been rewarded this week!

EdTech top 20 finalist

LanguageNut have been named as one of Europe's 20 Fastest Growing and Most Innovative E-learning Companies. The top three companies will be announced at EdTech Europe on the 14th June. Good luck!

As a new freelancer, your cash flow is everything. You can produce stellar work, on time and under budget, but if you run out of money then the game is over. Here are a few tips for minimising the risks.

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On Tuesday 5th February I was lucky enough to become a father for the first time. As a new freelancer, this posed some challenges! Here are some of the tips and tricks that worked for me, and some of the ones that didn't.

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Poker Cheat Sheet

2 April 2013   |   Comments   |   poker, cheat sheets, cards, games

A cheat sheet for poker, including how to play the three most common variants, hand ranks, and basic positional play.

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If you ever utter the words "It's definitely not that.", it's 100% certainly, without a shadow of doubt, exactly that.