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Blog » Colour Sudoku

I've been having a bit of a play recently with Sudoku (generators, solvers and puzzles). It's all the rage, after all. While I was at it I came up with what I believe is a new type of Sudoku puzzle - colour sudoku. There's an example below, I'll be releasing a Colour Sudoku site in the near future (once I get hosting figured out) I've released a Colour Sudoku site! Feedback is very welcome - enjoy!

To play, you must fill all columns and rows with the digits 1-9. Each digit can only appear once in each column and row. Additionally, you must fill each set of nine identically-coloured squares with the digits 1-9. Good luck!

   36 78 
   7    5
    9  1 
 5682  71
 62 45 3 

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