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Blog » CSS Zen Garden - Impossible Designs?

I think CSS Zen Garden is an amazing idea, and it has been an inspiration to me ever since I first found it, despite how bad it makes me feel that I'm no good at graphic design (yet ... allegedly practice makes perfect).

I was wondering about CSS and the Zen Garden earlier, and it occurred to me that the XHTML file it all runs on may be one of the best examples of good markup out there. After all, there are several hundred designs for the site all using the same XHTML file, and they are all completely different. And what most of us are aiming for is to create XHTML and HTML files that will never, or extremely rarely, require change - even if the design is changed.

And that got me wondering if there have been designs that people have created that have turned out to be impossible to implement? That would mean that the CSS Zen Garden XHTML file could, maybe, be better - but the changes that would need to be made to that file would be a good indicator of what sort of forward-thinking additions we should be making to our markup to accomodate change later.

So my question is this - does anyone know of (or have they experienced this themselves) CSS Zen Garden designs that have been impossible to implement because of something missing from the XHTML of the site? And if so, what would have to be added to the XHTML to make realising that design possible?

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