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Blog » Greasemonkey User Scripts

Greasemonkey is a truly impressive addition to Firefox and will be IS a nice addition to Opera 8. In simple terms, it allows you to write custom JavaScripts to run on any sites you like (or even all sites). There is a fairly healthy group of scripts already available, and many more surely on the way.

I've been writing a few small greasemonkey user scripts so far, and this list should serve as a nice simple way to find them on the site:

  • Number Google Results
    This script will automatically number all Google search results for you.
  • Number MSN Results
    This script will automatically number all MSN search results for you.
  • Auto-Save Forms
    This script saves all text in forms to a cookie for you as you type. If you any reason you lose the data in the form (eg your PC crashes, your session expires, etc), you can click the "Repopulate Form" button and your text will be restored.

Also highly recommended:

  • CSS Signatures on Every Site
    Page contains a script that will give every site a body id tag, allowing you to write site-specific stylesheets using the body id as a handle.

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