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Blog » Mime Type Fun

I've made the switch, finally! This site is now served with the mime type "application/xhtml+xml" to those user agents that can understand it, and "text/html" to those that can't. However, this means that there is a fairly good chance that some things won't work perfectly. I'll be fixing bugs as I find them, but if you do spot any glitches (unencoded ampersands and so on) please let me know!

One problem I am aware of and will be fixing as soon as humanly possible is that the JavaScript in the site is, for the most part, now not working. The LiveSearch, for example, is currently inactive.


  • Adsense is broken. There are solutions, but none pretty. (fixed)
  • Caching system stuffed. (fixed) (no it isn't) (oh yes it is) (web developer pantomime mode fixed)
  • When serving "text/html", should really be using a different DTD and rewrite the code slightly. (fixed)
  • JavaScript problems, mainly LiveSearch (looks like Opera has problems executing a script appended with appendChild when page is served as "application/xhtml+xml")
  • Comment posting bug. (error fixed but "remember me" not working) (fixed)

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