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Blog » New Opera Logo

I've long been a slave to the underdog browser known as Opera. While its market share may not be the greatest (though it does very well with alternative devices), it's served me well the last few years, staying fast and featured-packed.

Opera logoThe logo sucks though. Really. It's terrible. Firefox has a great logo, designed by Jon Hicks, as does Safari, Konqueror, Chrome and even IE. But Opera's has always been an also-ran logo - too lopsided to hang out in the dock, too simple to invogorate the imagination, too un-browsery to evoke thoughts of zipping down the information superhighway consuming content at breakneck speeds.

People have talked about it before. Some have suggested and designed alternatives. (I use this one in my RocketDock / OSX Dock / AWN Dock.)

However, the people at Opera (now including the aforementioned Jon Hicks, who credited Oleg Melnychuk with the new icon design) have listened and finally released a new logo. It's still not the greatest logo out there, but at least it isn't lopsided in the dock any more.

Opera logo

Hat tip: Joen @ Noscope.

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