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Blog » On Calendar Reform

I enjoyed reading about Calendar Reform and the various interesting ideas involved recently. I especially like the World Calendar, which starts on the same day of the week every year - making calendars reusable.

Also worth thinking about was the idea that, one day, we will most likely ditch the BC/AD/BCE/CE year numbering systems in favour of a "Before First Contact" and "After First Contact" system.

Of course, changing calendars is always going to be tricky, especially with current technology, communications and global economy concerns. And it's only ever going to become more difficult as technology becomes more integrated with, well, everything.

But it did occur to me that we all already use two calendar systems concurrently - an absolute one (commonly Gregorian) and a relative one (e.g., such and such happened one year ago).

So maybe the idea isn't so far fetched after all ...

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