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Blog » PPC Management Software: Problem Solved

Back in August, I wrote about PPC Management Software, and my uphill struggle to find a really good PPC software provider. Well, after a few months of trawling the web and trying various options out, I've found a program that works exactly the way PPC software really should work: Kazaam from Israeli firm Kenshoo.

A gentleman by the name of Etai Rosen spotted my plea for help and got in touch to show me through Kenshoo's system, and I was completely blown away. In the training sessions since that initial sales session, and using it since the training, I could swear it's reading my mind and getting better. And there's a new version due out any minute that fixes just about every little gripe and problem I have found so far, and even adds the biggest feature currently missing from their offering.

So what's good about it ... well, it has the ability to import an XML file, daily and automatically from a URL. Awesome - that takes care of my product lists, special offers and so on. Other providers seemed to trip up on this point frequently.

There's a great system of bid policies - you set and forget (to a degree). Bids can be raised and lowered, bad keywords weeded out, all based on pre-set metrics, including an average CPA, and/or actual conversion data.

Copying campaigns from one engine to another takes 5 clicks.

A huge selection of highly automated keyword generators, some smarter than others but all interesting.

The objective appears to be to automate, as far as possible, the PPC process, and in that regard I think they've succeeded admirably. The whole system appears to be able to take control of most of the day to day tasks involved with running PPC campaigns.

It's early days yet but so far I'm very impressed. Things may change, of course, but I'll keep you posted!

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