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Blog » Redesigned: Version 3

Since launching, I've spent most of my free time working away at the backend. I'm using bBlog, which I've found to be very well made, so far. It's template driven, easy to modify, and quick to run. The version I'm using here has been vastly altered when compared to the original (and I plan to actually document those changes so others can make use of them as soon as I have enough free time), and I'm now more or less happy with the running of the site.

I've held off on doing any major work on the front end for the last year though. I didn't want to put a design into place and find myself constantly having to change it around every time I added a new feature or changed something minor. However, with the back end approaching something I am happy with, I recently felt it was time to sort out the front end. And here is the result - Version 3 of

New Features

As with every redesign, this was an opportunity to add a few new bits and pieces I've been working on. There are a few new features and small changes across the site, and hopefully these will make using the site a bit easier!

First, you may have noticed a search box on the right of the page. If you haven't used it yet, and have JavaScript support in your browser, you might want to give it a try. It is a "LiveSearch", meaning that as you type in a search query, a JavaScript utility writes the search results to the page (if you want to know how this is done, read the LiveSearch article).

Next, you might also have noticed, if you are a regular visitor, that the links to each section are missing. Instead of having links to a small set of the sections on the site as a navigation menu, I've decided to split articles into groups. At the top of each page you will see the four sections articles will now fall into - Blog, Articles and Resources. Within those sections are categories like PHP and ASP, but this should make it easier to browse the site. And yes, the Blog section is a new blog.

New links will spend a little time on the sidebar as well now. I am not yet sure that I want to keep this feature, so please let me know your thoughts. My thinking is that if someone wants to visit links I recommend, they'll visit the links section - but I might be wrong.

Comments have had some small improvements made. I've added in a plugin to allow you to ask the site to remember your name and URL, using cookies. Comments are also numbered now as well - with the numbers being direct links to the comments.

All in all, it isn't a major update. The site should, with any luck, be easier to use and easier on the eye.

The ultimate judge of whether I have managed to achieve those goals is you - please, let me know what you think! Comments, criticisms and suggestions are all welcome.

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