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HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet

I'm forever looking up character codes, so this cheat sheet was a no-brainer. This contains a list of the assigned character codes in HTML, with an example of how they are displayed, and description.

The HTML Character Entities cheat sheet is designed to act as a reference sheet, listing the various character codes in HTML.

A more recent (even better) version of this cheat sheet is available at Cheatography!


Thumbnail highlighting functions and methods sections. In keeping with the other cheat sheets, here's a thumbnail of the cheat sheet and brief description. It's really pretty simple, this one. There are four columns. Each of those columns is further divided into three. On the left is the actual code for the character. In the middle, the character itself, and on the right, the description of the character. And that's it!

The more astute of you may spot that the list appears to miss out numbers. Characters  to , and € to Ÿ, are unassigned in HTML, or assigned specific values that do not translate to characters (for example, tabs and line feeds). For this reason, they are omitted.


A more recent (even better) version of this cheat sheet is available at Cheatography!

Please note: If you wish to link to the HTML Character Entities cheat sheet from elsewhere, please link to this page so others find the description, rather than linking directly to the sheet.

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