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About Dave and Added Bytes

I am Dave Child, a web developer and internet addict from Brighton, on the south of the UK.

The Short Version

The Long Version

I've been involved with web design, web development and online marketing since 1993, when I set up my very first hobby site. It was the first of many - I churned out dozens of small sites, mostly hosted on Angelfire and similar free hosts. They were largely appalling and if you were unfortunate enough to experience one of them I can only apologise and assure you that I've learned a lot since then!

On I went for a few years, writing HTML and playing with simple JavaScript effects, enjoying myself immensely. In 1998, a friend of the family asked me to so some work on a website in return for money - a thought that had not, to that point, occurred to me. Once I realised it was possible to make a living building websites, I was hooked. I did more and more work for friends and family, and worked for a while as a freelance web designer before deciding to make a career of doing what I enjoyed. If you want to know more about my work, have a look at my projects: personal and work.

These days I work almost entirely with PHP, though I've worked with ASP, ASP.NET and Cold Fusion in the past, and am learning Python. My recent projects have made use of several open source platforms, including Magento, Drupal and MODX.

I'm a huge fan of Open Source software, and have a couple of small Open Source projects of my own on GitHub. I also have several other sites, including Cheatography, Envoy and FeedbackFair.

I'm comfortable with server management, including setup and configuration of Linux, Apache, Nginx, PHP and MySQL. The more time I spend using the command line, the more useful I seem to find it.

When not in front of a screen, I enjoy snowboarding and skiing, but don't get to go nearly as often as I'd like. I also cycle regularly and play in a squash league. In September 2008 I started a physics degree with the Open University. I'm thinking about switching to maths. I hope to finish in 2014.

Please do feel free to email me!

Dave Elsewhere

About Added Bytes

The site runs on MODx, an excellent open-source PHP CMS. The site is HTML 5, using CSS for presentation, with JavaScript providing progressive enhancement.

The site has an elastic layout, meaning the site expands with your browser window within predefined limits - the idea is to make the most of available space, without allowing the site to expand so far that lines of text become unreadable.

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Hi! I'm Dave, a fanatical entrepreneur and developer from Brighton, UK. I've been making websites since Netscape 4 was a thing.

I built, ApolloPad and Cheatography.