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6 Reasons to Choose Magento

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms used on the web today, and use is still on the rise. Here are six compelling reasons to choose Magento over the competition. Gets Some Love has been in need of some attention, and has finally had it, with some great new features!

Going Freelance - Cash Flow

As a new freelancer, your cash flow is everything. You can produce stellar work, on time and under budget, but if you run out of money then the game is over. Here are a few tips for minimising the risks.

Freelancer Rate Calculator

Setting your rate as a freelancer isn't easy. This freelancer rate calculator has been built to help you convert a daily rate into an annual salary, taking into account holidays, tax and expenses.

How to Correct Magento's Paypal Rounding Error

Paypal payments are available in Magento for all shops, but there is an issue with Paypal handling rounding of pennies when adding tax to orders. Here's how you fix the problem.

Going Freelance - First Impressions

On September 10th, I started a new chapter of work as a full time freelance web developer. I'm a month in, and I've already learned some valuable lessons.

Open Source PHP E-Commerce Platforms Compared

Just a few short years ago, options for Open Source PHP ecommerce platforms were extremely limited, and often the only way to put together an ecommerce store online was to have a bespoke system built. Not any more, though - now there are plenty of options. We take a look at the top five contenders to see what each has to offer.

Going Freelance

From early September, I'm going to be leaving my former employment, where I've spent the last four years wrangling code deep in the bowels of the likes of Magento, MODX, Drupal and OpenCart.

Four Weeks of Cheatography

Four weeks after launch, how is Cheatography doing?

Introducing Cheatography!

For a few years now, I've been releasing cheat sheets here, and you've been asking how to make your own. So I created Cheatography, a site where you can build and share your very own cheat sheets, completely free.

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