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Get notifications on your smartphone via Pushover whenever a customer places an order.

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Adds a handy quick-links bar to the top of the Magento admin panel to allow fast navigation.

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Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms used on the web today, and use is still on the rise. Here are six compelling reasons to choose Magento over the competition.

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Adds buttons to your CMS to enable quick duplication of CMS pages or static blocks.

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11 February 2014   |   Comments   |   readability has been in need of some attention, and has finally had it, with some great new features!

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Store Locator for Magento

31 December 2013   |   Comments

Help your customers find their way to, or contact, your real-world stores!

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Mass Redirect for Magento

18 December 2013   |   Comments

Import all of your old product URLs in one simple CSV and avoid horrible 404 errors!

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Discontinued Products for Magento

17 December 2013   |   Comments

Don't let users landing on your old products leave empty handed - show them something else they might like!

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As a new freelancer, your cash flow is everything. You can produce stellar work, on time and under budget, but if you run out of money then the game is over. Here are a few tips for minimising the risks.

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Freelancer Rate Calculator

7 January 2013   |   Comments   |   freelance

Setting your rate as a freelancer isn't easy. This freelancer rate calculator has been built to help you convert a daily rate into an annual salary, taking into account holidays, tax and expenses.

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