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Open Source PHP E-Commerce Platforms Compared

Just a few short years ago, options for Open Source PHP ecommerce platforms were extremely limited, and often the only way to put together an ecommerce store online was to have a bespoke system built. Not any more, though - now there are plenty of options. We take a look at the top five contenders to see what each has to offer.

Writing Secure PHP, Part 4

The fourth part of the Writing Secure PHP series, covering cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery and character encoding security issues.

RSS to iCal

Writing Secure PHP, Part 3

The third part of the Writing Secure PHP series, covering weak passwords, clients and more advanced topics.

Block Prefetching

Writing Secure PHP, Part 2

Learn how to improve your security a little further with the second part of this PHP tutorial.

SQL Server, PHP and Truncating Text

PHP and SQL Server are a powerful combination, however sometimes data stored in a text type column is truncated for no apparent reason after 4096 characters. Here's how to fix the problem.

Writing Secure PHP, Part 1

Learn how to avoid some of the most common mistakes in PHP, and so make your sites more secure.

Output Caching for Beginners

High-traffic sites can often benefit from caching of pages, to save processing of the same data over and over again. This caching tutorial runs through the basics of file caching in PHP.

PHP for Beginners

An introduction to PHP, one of the most popular programming languages on the web.