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Numbered Google Results

A bookmarklet that allows you to have a number placed beside each of the results of a Google search.

Most SEOs spend their time searching the web, and a fair bit of that time is spent on Google. They control a massive portion of the search market, after all. Many times I've wanted to know the specific position of a result in Google, and unfortunately, Google do not number their results.

You can work around this by searching at, however this version of the engine doesn't show as much information, which is a little frustrating.

For this reason, I have written a bookmarklet, that when activated will number each of the results on a page. It provides numbered results after page 1 correctly as well.

To use the bookmarklet, you must right-click on it and add it to your favourites. Then, next time you are looking at a page of results from a search in Google, click the link in your favourites and the results will be numbered for you.

The bookmarklet should work in all JavaScript-compatible browsers. However, there are two versions. The first is for non-IE users and works in Firefox (1.0) and Opera (7.54). The second is for IE users.

Number Google Results (non-IE)

IE, unfortunately, appears to have a problem with this relatively simple bookmarklet. It will run it when used as a link, but not from the favourites. I think this is because it is a little too long (UPDATE: Issue fixed - it was the length - bookmarklets cannot be over 508 characters in IE), but am not sure (any help much appreciated). The second bookmarklet, below, is for IE users, and retrieves part of the bookmarklet from my server. As above, simply add this to your favourites to use it.

Number Google Results (IE)

UPDATE: This issue has now been resolved and the above bookmarklet should now work well in IE.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Now also a Greasemonkey User Script

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