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Numbered MSN Results

A bookmarklet that allows you to have a number placed beside each of the results of a MSN search.

MSN, like Google, do not number their search results. After writing a bookmarklet to number the results of a Google search, Barry Welford asked me how best to create the same thing for MSN - so I had a look at it. And here is the result, a bookmarklet that, when activated, will number the results of a search on MSN. It provides numbered results after page 1 correctly as well.

To use the bookmarklet, you must right-click on it and add it to your favourites. Then, next time you are looking at a page of results from a search in MSN, click the link in your favourites and the results will be numbered for you.

The bookmarklet should work in all JavaScript-compatible browsers.

Number MSN Results

UPDATE: Now also a Greasemonkey User Script

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