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My Standing Desk

31 May 2012   |   Comments   |   desk, office, ergonomics, workspace

Sitting down can kill you! Or at least help you die earlier. Or give you bad posture. Or so I keep hearing. The solution, apparently, is to stand while working, at some sort of overly tall desk-like contraption. I don't know about the health benefits, but I'm sold on the standing desk idea.

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The Vertical Mouse

16 August 2010   |   Comments   |   ergonomics, comfort, workspace, mouse

Evoluent Vertical Mouse

I've been using a computer daily since the early 1990s, and inevitably some parts of my body have reacted badly to this. My right wrist started hurting sometime in the 2000s, and last year that pain extended further up my arm. RSI had become a problem that I needed to deal with.

After a bit of digging around various ergonomics websites, I decided to try a new mouse. It was my mouse arm that was giving me grief, so that seemed to be a good place to start. On the recommendation of a fellow geek, I decided to try a Vertical Mouse from Evoluent. It's a weird looking contraption, that is basically a mouse on its side.

The idea is that you twist your forearm less with a vertical mouse. Your arm remains in a neutral, natural position when using it. I was dubious this would make any difference.

However, after a week using my first one at home, I bought a second for work. I've not had wrist or arm trouble since. It has changed my working life. I wouldn't go back to using a normal mouse.


23 October 2004   |   Comments   |   apps, ui, mouse gestures, windows, ergonomics

If you asked me to name just one program I don't think I could live without, I would name a program I never actually remember I am running from one day to the next. It runs so invisibly that the only time I ever remember I'm running it is when I'm not running it. If that makes sense.

Stroke ItI'm talking about StrokeIt, the single most useful program I have on my PC. It's free for non-profit and individual use. Companies can buy a license for $10 - and it's well worth it.

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Keyboards traditionally use the Qwerty layout, designed initially for typewriters. Find out why Dvorak is a better alternative.

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