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A user script for Opera and Firefox that automatically numbers Google search results. Updated 16 Nov 2006 following changes to Google results page code.

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Many of my clients have worked previously consultants and SEOs that inundated them with jargon, especially where proposals and sales calls are concerned. I find myself sometimes using too much jargon - easily done when you spend so much time working in any field. This jargon guide explains the industry terms in simple language.

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Why sites usually drop in the SERPs and what to do if it happens to you.

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Mozilla and Google's prefetching functions are a nice addition to browser technology in many ways. They are not without flaws, however. The main two problems with the prefetching idea are that it messes with log files and it means every link on a page could potentially be followed despite the consequences (dangerous in a site administration context).

It appears from the FAQ that Google only intends their accelerator to prefetch specific pages, that have been specified with the <link> tag. However, many people are claiming that normal links have been prefetched.

To prevent prefetching of a page is simple: add the following PHP to the page you do not want prefetched:

if ((isset($_SERVER['HTTP_X_MOZ'])) && ($_SERVER['HTTP_X_MOZ'] == 'prefetch')) {
    // This is a prefetch request. Block it.
    header('HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden');
    echo '403: Forbidden<br><br>Prefetching not allowed here.';

This will serve a "forbidden" header to the prefetcher. Normal browsing should be unaffected.

Learn how and why you should add a robots.txt file to your website.

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Hi! I'm Dave, a fanatical entrepreneur and developer from Brighton, UK. I've been making websites since Netscape 4 was a thing.

I built, ApolloPad and Cheatography.