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The second version of the Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet, a quick reference guide for regular expressions, including symbols, ranges, grouping, assertions and some sample patterns to get you started.

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Regular Expressions are very powerful, and many people find their unusual syntax hard to get to grips with. This A4 reference serves as a guide to regular expression patterns and options.

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On-The-Fly Validation

1 July 2004   |   Comments   |   regexp, xhtml, html, php, validation

A tool to help automatically fix most common (X)HTML errors before outputting a page to the user.

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How to validate email addresses according to ISO standards with PHP.

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Regular expression reference and examples for VBScript.

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Hi! I'm Dave, a fanatical entrepreneur and developer from Brighton, UK. I've been making websites since Netscape 4 was a thing.

I built, ApolloPad and Cheatography.