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MODX Development

MODX is an excellent, easy-to-use Open Source content management system capable of supporting all types and sizes of content-driven websites.

Who is MODX for?

MODX is an excellent content management system powering thousands of sites on the web - including this one!

It is extremely flexible, allowing you to do far more with your site than would be possible on a Wordpress system. It is also very quick to develop for, making it a cheaper alternative to comparable products such as Drupal.

It is ideal for anyone looking to launch a content-driven website which is more than just a blog.

Why choose MODX?

  • Open Source
    No licensing fees. Ever.
  • Large community.
    Excellent community support and plenty of addons already created.
  • Versatile.
    A powerful and highly customisable templating system make MODx a pleasure to design for.
  • Social.
    Easy-to-integrate social features help you communicate with your audience.

To find out more or to get an estimate, please get in touch today!

Why Choose Added Bytes?

We have been working with MODX since 2008, and have launched dozens of sites, both on Evolution (the original platform) and Revolution (the new platform). We are active in the MODX development community, and have released several widely used plugins for MODX.

We have experience with:

  • Designing and building custom MODX themes
  • Bespoke module development, including comment management and API integrations.
  • Social media integration, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • Hosting MODX websites (including high-traffic websites).

Recent MODX Work (See More Work)

Kyo Rei Shukokai Karate

Kyo Rei Shukokai Karate, perhaps better known as London Karate, is a popular and well respected dojo with classes throughout the south of England. [2014]

Work: Web development - full build: design and development.

Visit Kyo Rei Shukokai Karate »


Waddesdon Manor is a country house in the heart of Buckinghamshire, and their site serves as a portal to information and events for the estate. [2013]

Work: Mobile and tablet interfaces, online booking widget, maintenance and MODX upgrades.

Visit Waddesdon »

Kings Colleges

Kings Colleges offer a large range of language courses for international students in the USA and UK. [2013]

Work: Full build - development, booking API integration.

Visit Kings Colleges »

Kings Education

Kings Education is the umbrella for Kings Summer, Kings Pathways and Kings Colleges. [2013]

Work: Full build - HTML/CSS, MODX setup

Visit Kings Education »


A new sales site for Languagenut, based on MODX Revolution. [2013]

Work: Full build, design, development and integration.

Visit Languagenut »

Kings Pathways

Kings Pathways, from Kings Colleges, offers support, and a collection of routes, to access UK and USA Universities. [2013]

Work: Full build - HTML/CSS, MODX setup, custom development

Visit Kings Pathways »

Kings Summer

Kings Summer is the summer vacations offering from Kings Colleges, with locations and experiences in the UK and USA for students of varying ages. [2013]

Work: Full build - HTML/CSS, MODX setup, custom development, online booking

Visit Kings Summer »

Somerset Intelligence

Somerset Intelligence, from Somerset County Council, provides data, information, intelligence and insight on the communities of Somerset. [2013]

Work: Web development - front end templates, MODX setup and custom functionality.

Visit Somerset Intelligence »

Sussex Golf Courses

Sussex Golf Courses is a directory of golf courses in Sussex. With a modern, airy feel it is ideal for browsing via mobiles or tablets. [2013]

Work: Web development - full build: design, development and marketing.

Visit Sussex Golf Courses »

Prosperon Networks

A content-driven site with complex inheritance rules, built on MODX Revolution. [2011]

Work: Full build - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MODX templates, custom PHP development.

Visit Prosperon Networks »

Added Bytes

This site, built originally on bBlog, now on MODX Evolution. [2003]

Work: Full build - design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MODX templates, custom PHP development.

Visit Added Bytes »

To find out more or to get an estimate, please get in touch today!

Hi! I'm Dave, a fanatical entrepreneur and developer from Brighton, UK. I've been making websites since Netscape 4 was a thing.

I built, ApolloPad and Cheatography.