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Discontinued Products for Magento

Don't let users landing on your old products leave empty handed - show them something else they might like!

Don't let users landing on your old products leave empty handed - show them something else they might like!

The Discontinued Products extension for Magento provides an easy, fast, reliable way to ensure you don't waste traffic to old products on your website. It allows you to link a discontinued product to any category, and present alternatives to any customers who land on the product page.

Why Should I Buy This?

Part of running an e-commerce store is, of course, online marketing. Driving traffic to your site and your products is critical to your success. But, when a product is no longer available, what happens to all those links, blog posts and advertorials you have so dilligently created?

If you are like most online stores, you just remove your discontinued products once they are no longer in stock. And that means that anybody following an old link to your site ends up on a 404 page. This is disastrous - this is a potential customer, and we know exactly which product they were interested in!

This is where Discontinued Products steps in. Rather than leave the user confused and disappointed, Discontinued Products allows you to select alternative products to display to the user.

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How Does It Work?

When a user views a product, the extension checks to see if it is discontinued. If it is discontinued, and is not available to buy, the extension looks to see if an associated category or alternative products has been specified. If so, it selects the top items from that category or from the specified alternative products, according to the order they are entered or the default Magento sorting, and displays them to the user along with a message saying the product has been discontinued.

How Do I Use It?

To install the extension:

  • Download the zip, and extract the contents
  • Upload the contents of the httpdocs folder to your website root folder
  • Clear Magento caches
  • Log out and log back in again
  • Set configuration options in System > Configuration > Added Bytes > Discontinued Products
  • Edit the front end to match your templates as required:
    • app/design/frontend/base/default/template/addedbytes/product/list/discontinued.phtml
    • skin/frontend/base/default/discontinued/css/discontinued_products.css

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When a product is discontinued, we recommend the following:

  • Set the new "Discontinued Product" attribute to "Yes"
  • Set the new "Discontinued Category" attribute to the category you wish to load alternative products from
  • Set "Discontinued Alternatives" attribute to be a comma separated-list of alternative products
  • You can (and should) set a different category for each store in your installation
  • Remove the product from all live categories (it will still be visible at its primary URL, as well as through the website search)
  • Clear caches and rebuild indexes as appropriate


$25 - Click Here to Buy

Compatible with Magento Community Edition:
  • 1.7
  • 1.8
  • 1.9

License is for one installation (can be over multiple servers if load-balanced, and can include several sites and stores).

Future upgrades to this extension will be provided at no additional charge.

This extension is available on Magento Connect

Extension Support

For technical or sales enquiries, please email our support team.

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