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A quick reference guide for ASP / VBScript, containing functions, collections, regular expression syntax and other useful bits of information.

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VBScript for Beginners

13 May 2004   |   Comments   |   asp, vbscript, for beginners

An introduction to VBScript, one of the languages used to write ASP pages, and tutorial for beginners.

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How to make URLs and email addresses within text clickable using VBScript Regular Expressions.

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VBScript Pagination

15 March 2004   |   Comments   |   pagination, asp

Sometimes, data must be spread over several pages or risk being unusable. This tutorial will walk you through the process of pagination, and a couple of functions are included to help get you started.

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Date formatting in VBScript is not quite as powerful as PHP. This function gives you plenty more ways to format dates and times in VBScript with the minimum of effort.

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Regular expression reference and examples for VBScript.

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