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A cheat sheet for beginners to chess, to help understand algebraic notation.

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Poker Cheat Sheet

2 April 2013   |   Comments   |   poker, cheat sheets, cards, games

A cheat sheet for poker, including how to play the three most common variants, hand ranks, and basic positional play.

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A cheat sheet for the awesome board game Settlers of Catan, including lots of potential alternative (house) rules.

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World of Warcraft may not be a web design, development or marketing topic, but that doesn't mean I don't need a cheat sheet for it. I've just started playing and can't remember all the slash commands and shortcut keys, so this is a simple quick reference for just that.

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Hi! I'm Dave, a fanatical entrepreneur and developer from Brighton, UK. I've been making websites since Netscape 4 was a thing.

I built, ApolloPad and Cheatography.