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HTML is the language of the web. It is the semantic support on which websites depend. This A4 reference lists the various tags available to the web designer, as well as a selection of useful character entities, attributes and events.

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RSS to iCal

19 October 2006   |   Comments   |   rss, weather, php, bbc, ical, convert, tools, web, webdev, code, rss2ical

I have been looking for a way to convert the BBC weather feed for my area to iCal, so I can subscribe to it. It's date-based, after all, and RSS never seemed to me to be an appropriate format for subscribing to weather information. iCal always struck me as being "better" for that purpose. Of course, the BBC only have an RSS feed for local weather. What I needed was a converter.

After some hunting, I discovered that Dean Sanvitale had written a PHP script to convert RSS feeds to iCal format. However, his site ( appears to be long since abandoned and the script is no longer available from there. Fortunately, the Wayback Machine did have a copy. Dean originally released the script under a Creative Commons License which, fortunately, allows me to make the script available to download from this site (note: the script is available from this site under the same license).

So, if you're looking for a way to convert an RSS feed to iCal, this PHP script will do the job. Thanks Dean!

Source: rss2ical.txt

World of Warcraft may not be a web design, development or marketing topic, but that doesn't mean I don't need a cheat sheet for it. I've just started playing and can't remember all the slash commands and shortcut keys, so this is a simple quick reference for just that.

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I'm fed up with having to visit to look things up. This A4 cheat sheet is designed to sit by your desk and make your life easier.

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A tool that outputs the structure of a page. Makes working with CSS (especially resolving inheritance issues) much easier.

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A tool to give an indication of how easy text is to read, using the Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning-Fog, Coleman-Liau, SMOG and Automated Readability scoring systems.

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The Gunning-Fog Index is a measure of text readability based upon sentence length and difficult words in a passage.

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Regardless of your connection speed, this will show you how your site loads on PCs with older connections.

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A free, printer-friendly RGB Hex colour chart for web designers.

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Hi! I'm Dave, a fanatical entrepreneur and developer from Brighton, UK. I've been making websites since Netscape 4 was a thing.

I built, ApolloPad and Cheatography.